Posted on July 25, 2017, by Coerver Asia Pacific

The World’s No. 1 soccer skills teaching method will return to Sydney in late September 2017, with the launch of Coerver® Coaching Sydney North Shore.

Coerver® Coaching Sydney North Shore joins the global Coerver network, drawing from over 30 years of experience in technical development and operating throughout over 40 countries.

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Posted on July 13, 2017, by Coerver Asia Pacific

Coerver Coaching ACT concluded the Coerver Coaching July Winter School Holiday Clinics this week at the University of Canberra & Trinity Christian School. The clinics conducted over the four days were based on the globally recognised Coerver Coaching Pyramid of Player Development, with the focus of the clinics being speed with the ball and first touch through ball mastery. It was great to see the improvement of all the players during the week.

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Posted on July 06, 2017, by Coerver Asia Pacific

Coerver Coaching ACT recently returned from Cowra, NSW after conducting the Coerver Coaching July School Holiday Clinic for the players in the Cowra region. This is the ninth year Coerver Coaching has conducted a Clinic in Cowra and we would like to pass on our appreciation to the Cowra District Soccer Club for all the support they have given Coerver Coaching during this time.



The clinics had players attend for two days of Coerver Coaching training based on the Coerver Coaching Pyramid of Player Development with the use of the world’s top players as star models, including Messi, Xavi & Bale.