Posted on April 30, 2019, by HeadOffice

Coerver Coaching Beirut and Mount Lebanon hosted Adrian Haynes, Coerver Coaching Asia Pacific Technical Instructor, to conduct Coach Education courses, staff coaching updates and sessions for Partner Club players.

Coerver Coaching Beirut and Mount Lebanon director Hussni Ajlani said “Adrian’s visit was greatly anticipated to continue to grow the awareness of Coerver Coaching in Lebanon, and I must say it has exceeded my expectations on all levels. Not only were the local coaches in Lebanon who participated to the Coerver Intro course and the Youth Diploma 1 impressed, but also the host schools and universities who discovered Coerver Coaching for the first time now are very excited about the programs we will continue to run with them. Adrian’s character and professionalism has left a permanent mark in everybody’s mind and we are all eagerly waiting for his return to Lebanon.”