Coerver® Coaching Co-Founder Provides Coach Education to Surrey Youth League

Co-founder of Coerver® Coaching, Alfred Galustian recently provided a webinar to coaches of the Surrey Youth League. This included demonstrations of the Coerver® method, why Coerver® Coaching is "the World's number 1 soccer skills teaching method" and assistance with session planning. Alfred also answered over 100 questions from the grassroots coaches to provide them support in their coaching development.

Genreal Secretary of the Surrey Youth League, Frank Thompson gave a glowing review of the webinar and Q&A session "We were delighted when Alf volunteered to host an evening with our coaches by means of a virtual presentation with Q & A session. We were inundated with requests it being the most popular event we have ever staged. We limited it to just under 100 coaches and could have filled it many times over. On the night Alf delivered a fantastically  informative presentation and then answered questions from the audience. Further to that he was good enough to answer all of the 100+ questions we received that we did not have time to answer on the night in a very professional video link that we put on our website. 

The feedback from the event has been incredible. We have received positive reviews and comments from participants about how much it made them reflect on their practice and see what they can improve for the benefit of the players. This was so popular that when are discussing with Alf the possibility of a face to face event when look down ends. We are very grateful for what Alf has done for us it’s just wonderful that a “football person” of his stature took the time to help us improve grass roots football.  We look forward to working together with him in the future."