Coerver Coaching ACT Kid Selected as FIFA Women's World Cup Final Ball Kid

Congratulations to Coerver ACT kid Imogen Robertson who has been provided an incomparable opportunity to be a ball kid at the FIFA Women's World Cup Final today. Imogen was selected due to her dedication to her development as a Coerver kid over a number of years and her excellent performance as a ball kid earlier in the tournament.

Speaking about the opportunities provided by Coerver Coaching, Imogen said "Coerver Coaching has given me so many opportunities to not only grow as a player but as a footballer.  I was so excited when I got to be in an Ad with Adidas and Caitlin Foord but to be asked by Caitlin to be a Ball Kid in the first Women’s World Cup match in Australia when the Matilda’s played the Republic of Ireland was AMAZING!  Now Coerver has given me another opportunity to be a Ball Kid in the World Cup Final which I am SO EXCITED for! Next month, because of Coerver, I get to go to Japan and play football and train over there. Thank you so much Coerver for all of these amazing opportunities and for helping me to be a more skilled and better player.”

Imogen's father David also added "We have been involved with Coerver Coaching for several years and the technical development and unique football opportunities Coerver has provided for our daughters has been incredible.  Both of our daughters have benefited from Coerver’s expert coaches and training programs resulting in them both being far more competent, creative and confident footballers and has resulted in them playing football at a much higher standard for their age.  Coerver Coaching’s global network and associations within the world football community provides opportunities for player development and experiences that are unparalleled with any other program. Thank you Coerver Coaching ACT and Coerver Coaching Asia Pacific and we look forward to many more years of association with you."

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