During his visit to Beirut, Coerver Coaching Asia Pacific Technical Instructor Adrian Haynes caught up with Sami El Choum, former Lebanese International footballer and current director of Unione, a Partner Club of Coerver Coaching Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

Adrian Haynes; Why is Coerver Coaching something you have brought to your club? What will the benefits be for your players?

Sami El Choum; As you know, there is a game within the game. When we play 11v11 it is not always 11v11 around the ball, it is 1v1 or small numbers. The most important thing that a player can have is self-confidence, with the skills to play with the ball in attack and also defend without the ball. An issue we have in football in Lebanon is teaching the players to have confidence to take risks, make decisions and win the 1v1 situations. Coerver Coaching has the perfect solutions to these issues and this is why we have signed this partnership with Coerver Coaching Beirut and Mount Lebanon

Adrian Haynes; We are very pleased and humbled that someone of your stature has recognised what Coerver Coaching can do to develop your players and we look forward to working together.