Coerver Coaching Launches Eight Dedicated Singapore Franchises

Globally-recognised football coaching programme Coerver Coaching has established eight franchises across Singapore which will be showcased at an expo this week at Marina Bay Sands.
The franchises have been broken up into eight geographical areas based on population, including north, east, central west and south east.
Each has an average of around 90,000 children that are eligible for the coaching programmes.
The franchise listed in the south has already been sold, leaving seven still available. Details of the franchises will on display from October 13-15 at the FLAsia Expo at MBS’ Convention Centre.

PJ Roberts, a former professional footballer and director of Coerver Coaching Singapore, says the franchises are an exciting step for budding football talent in the country.
The Coerver system, which has been around for over three decades and operates in 44 countries, has been in Singapore for the past two years.
“As a professional footballer and television pundit I have observed and experienced footballers all over the world,” Roberts said.
“The ones who achieve the highest level and enjoy the game to the fullest are the ones with the best individual skills.
“All too often the teaching of these skills is not available to young people in their developing years.
“Coerver Coaching fills this void to the highest level producing a great curriculum and consistency of approach, supported by well developed, high standard electronic and hard copy resources.
“It is exciting that Singapore will now have the world’s number one soccer skills teaching method professionally delivered to Singapore’s children.”
The Coerver method has been endorsed by some of the world’s leading coaches and football experts.

Places in world-renowned Coerver Coaching’s Singapore diploma now open

Aimed at children aged three to 17, it has been utilised by over one million young footballers, while thousands of coaches have been accredited to the Coerver Coaching Diploma 1 and Diploma 2.
The company now aims to ensure young boys and girls in Singapore have access to the method and will work closely with the new franchise holders to deliver the coaching courses.
The Coerver Franchising model offers a range of programmes that aim to develop footballers with a high level of skill and improve their overall health and well-being.
“The way in which Coerver is structured in its business model collaborates and partners with key organisations to ensure that it realises maximum outcomes for young people,” Roberts said.
“Schools and youth programmes across the community will be encouraged to participate in these programmes.
“THE FLAsia expo offers the opportunity to display and showcase the great benefits of Coerver Coaching both in Singapore and Internationally.”