Coerver Coaching New Zealand Relaunches

Coerver® Coaching Asia Pacific is proud to welcome the return of Coerver® Coaching New Zealand to the Coerver global network. Coerver® Coaching is a global soccer teaching method and proven development system. We offer structured skill-improvement programs and school holiday camps for children, aged 3-16, of all abilities, including those who are completely new to the game. For over 37 years, Coerver Coaching has been teaching world class soccer skills to children in over 50 countries. Our aim is to develop confident and creative players while teaching social skills such as good sportsmanship and respect and good attitude in practice and play. We offer interactive and fun skills-based programs that ensure participants improve their skills and have fun.

Vice President of Coerver® Coaching Asia Pacific Jason Lancsar said: “We welcome Shannon and his team to the Coerver Coaching Global network. Shannon brings a wealth of experience and local knowledge to the role. His vision to develop the Coerver Coaching brand across New Zealand and genuine desire to provide opportunities for all players and coaches of all abilities is exciting. We wish Shannon every success and look forward to working closely with him”.

Director of Coerver® Coaching New Zealand, Shannon Thomas said “I'm extremely proud to have joined the Coerver Coaching community and to represent the brand in New Zealand. I have lived and breathed football from a young age, and I've often dreamed about combining my love for the game with the skills I have gathered in business over the last 25 years. My vision is to make Coerver accessible to the youth of New Zealand so they can have the opportunities that I never did in a fun, safe, and inclusive environment. I want young people to study our programme so they can learn from the best technical skills platform available and develop the confidence to excel on the football field, but equally important to me is to give them the social skills, coordination and personal confidence that will help them in all other areas of their lives”.

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